Informal Letter

Ivan Molto

45 Valencia Road


11th March

Dear Novita,

How are you? I saw on the tv has been the Tsunami. The press reports the impact has been horrible and also has affected the nuclear plant.

Here, the people are worried and the most of the people are willing help you, and your country. Is a fatal new, is terrible. I guess that you’ve arrived the assistance.

How are your family? Long time no see your mother. Your house are perfect? And your neighborhood. I hope see you soon, when I go to fukushima  no dubt I come. But if acn come in Spain do it please we are worried.

I hope to answer and one salute for you and your family.

Write soon!


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‘Phone Calls

I call to MediaMark and the receptionist responds the phone.

Company Iván Moltó S.A= C:   / MediaMarkt= M:


M: You are calling to MediaMarkt. What do you want?

C: Hello, good morning. I want to talk with your boss about an order of 100.000 laptops that I didn’t received.

M: Well, My boss isn’t here now. You can talk with him from mobile. Want I give you mobile number?

C: Yes, perfect.

M: Take note. The phone number is 666777555.

C: Ok. The number is 666777555. Is correct?

M: Yes, is correct. Do you need anything else?

C: No. Thank you.

M: Well. Have a nice day.


I call to MediaMark boss.


Ring….. Ring…….. ….. ….

MB: Hello.

C: Hello, I’m Ivan. I called you about an order of 100.000 laptops that I didn’t received yet.

MB: Ok. We had a problems with the transport. Can you give me a order number?

C: Yes. The order number is: 455MB21.

MB: Can you repeat me the number?

C: Ok. 4-5-5-M-B-2-1. Do you need repeat again?

MB: No, I take it correctly. We will do the possible to you receive the order very soon. In two or three days you will have the laptops in your company.







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Writing e-mails

A/ E-mail Client

Excuse me but do not have much space in store for you we make the delivery of the order of cd’s. Do not make us responsible for this event, we are a small company with not much space. I am truly sorry will not happen again.


B/ E-mail provider

Lord, things do not work well, transportation, and is on track, and 24 cd’s arrived in their establishment. If you have no place there we have no service that can help, if you want toreturn must pay a commission. 


C/E-mail Client
Hi, I can not pay the commission of which I spoke earlier, I have no choice? Could yoube more polite and do not pay us that “extra. ” Let me know something. 


D/E-mail provider
You are nothing serious and I do not think that will be more deals to your orders, you willfeel no more traffic to your business. 

I hope you have better luck with another provider, a greeting

E/ E-mail Client

Sorry was my shcolar, he already fired, i hope you belive me and accept my apologies.

I talked to the school on scolarship, worked very badly, and we had the task when.

I hope you understand me and accept a second time my dearest apologies and i have not consciously knowing that it is hard work.

F/E-mail Provider

Sorry but what’s done is done, do not send me more emails i’m sorry and i hope what you told me to be true but look serious business, Greetings

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Julio Maldini

Maldini is a man with brown eyes, bald, of medium height (1.70 …), personality is veryclever, is one of the most knowledgeable people in this world of sport, best sport in the world. I am speaking, yes football friends. Personally it’s a nice man, nice, very humble, dedicated to sports journalism.
Works discussing football, has its own program where we talk about the most recenttime that was played last weekend, also speaks of the very young soccer players butboth have a mindset and technique play very good, young talent.

Maldini is in his house more than 100 channels on football from all countries, and over100,000 dvd’s of games for many years and thousands of different leagues.
You could say we’re talking about the person you possibly understand Europeanfootball.

His wife also likes the world of sport as an athlete, was also on the island of celebrities and was the winner. If ever come to having a child is an avid sports world.

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My holidays in Mexico

The last year in august go to Mexico one week for me  holidays, it’s a fantastic country. And were very nice people and the girls gave me disgusted.

I was in the city of Manzanillo, to an increible sun. I ate at a restaurant specializing in nachos. In the restaurant had a mariachis band, in the band had a young boy was Japanese! Manzanillo was a multicultural city, but there are very bad people. Manzanillo have, has a great football soccer field is very important. I was in the very luxuxrios hotel, in the room ate strawberries and cream. Hhhhmmmmm were delicious.

I did not  like the animals, the animals were giant lizards and airport were very old to, but the airoport is a big innovation in Mexico. And yes like are the lemons and tacos, the tacos is the specialty in Mexico.

Were the best holidays of my life!

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A day in our life

I get up at 9, go to the bathroom to pee and then i have a shower.

I go to the kitchen i make one base of milk with cola-cao.

I go to pc play the games, watch films,lisent the music…

I put the clothes : jacket, shirt, trainers, any thing…

I go to the street and take the bus of 12:30

I go to eat house of my grandmother

I watch television with my family while we eat

I go to meet my friend at 2:30, and go to  school

My classroom and me we go rest and eat one sandwitch at 6:00

At 6:30 I go back to class untill 8:30

At 9:00 dinner, and go to computer 2:00 and finish go to the bed.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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